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Not a fucking people person.

Life on the Other Side

Devin (NOT Dev)
15 December
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Not sure what to say here. Got a knack for pissing people off and I tend to say "fuck" a lot. Never been good at making friends, not much of a writer either. Dunno know why people keep trying to talk me into posting here, but I guess I'll give it a shot. Helps sometimes, y'know, getting the thoughts out? Need all the fucking help I can get...

[Disclaimer]Disclaimer: Devin is a fictional character. He resents the implication that this fact somehow makes him 'not real' and appreciates when people comment to him directly on his posts. Questions, comments, or complaints intended for his author may be sent via PM to n3m3sis43 -- who created him but does not claim to control him.

black fucking boots, chocolate, circuitry, cybernetics, lasers, orange laserade, privacy, saying fuck a lot, security systems, simfighting, synthbrew